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Journal of Digital Imaging


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ISSN 0897-1889
Country USA

About the journal

The Journal of Digital Imaging (JDI) is the official peer-reviewed journal of the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM). JDI's goal is to enhance the exchange of knowledge encompassed by the general topic of Imaging Informatics in Medicine such as research and practice in clinical, engineering, and information technologies and techniques in all medical imaging environments. This journal covers PACS and component systems; imaging informatics for the enterprise; image-enabled electronic medical records; RIS and HIS; digital image acquisition; image processing; image data compression; 3D, visualization, and multimedia; speech recognition; computer-aided diagnosis; facilities design; imaging vocabularies and ontologies; Transforming the Radiological Interpretation Process (TRIP?); DICOM and other standards; workflow and process modeling and simulation; quality assurance; archive integrity and security; teleradiology; digital mammography; and radiological informatics education.


Impact factor

The impact factor of Journal of Digital Imaging is as follows:

Year Impact Rank Quartile
2020 4.056 Q1
2018 2.572 51/129 Q2
2017 1.536 87/129 Q3
2016 1.407 88/127 Q3
2015 1.406 91/124 Q3
2014 1.190 95/125 Q4
2013 1.200
2012 1.100
2011 1.255
2010 1.421
2009 0.956
2008 1.107
2007 0.717
2006 1.304
2005 0.964