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Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications


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Country U.S.A.

About the journal

The Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications will publish results in Fourier analysis, as well as applicable mathematics having a significant Fourier analytic component. Appropriate manuscripts at the highest research level will be accepted for publication. Because of the extensive, intricate, and fundamental relationship between Fourier analysis and so many other subjects, select and readable surveys will also be published. These surveys will include historical articles, research tutorials, and expositions of specific topics. The Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications will provide a perspective and means for centralizing and disseminating new information from the vantage point of Fourier analysis. The breadth of Fourier analysis and diversity of its applicability require that each paper should contain a clear and motivated introduction, which is accessible to all of our readers. Areas of applications include the following: * antenna theory * crystallography * fast algorithms * Gabor theory and applications * image processing * number theory * optics * partial differential equations * prediction theory * radar applications * sampling theory * spectral estimation * speech processing * stochastic processes * time-frequency analysis * time series * tomography * turbulence * uncertainty principles * wavelet theory and applications


Impact factor

The impact factor of Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications is as follows:

Year Impact
2014 1.118
2012 1.079
2011 1.747
2010 1.747
2009 1.534
2008 1.028
2007 1.125
2006 0.761
2005 0.859
2004 0.797
2003 0.812
2002 0.622
2001 0.685
2000 0.935
1999 0.872