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Title Living Usability Lab for Next Generation Networks
Reference QREN 7900
PI António J. S. Teixeira, Nelson Rocha
Participants Alexandra Queirós, Osvaldo Pacheco, Joaquim Sousa Pinto, Arnaldo Martins, António Amaro, José Martin, Joaquim Alvarelhão, António J. R. Neves, José Luís Azevedo, Bernardo Cunha, Artur Pereira, Nuno Lau, Catarina Oliveira, Rui Costa, Anabela Silva, Miguel Oliveira e Silva, Carlos Pereira, Nuno Almeida, Ana Isabel Martins, João Cunha, Cláudio Teixeira
Funded by ADI
Global funding (€) 900,000€1,242,000 USD
RU funding (€) 475,738€656,518.44 USD
Starts 2010/01/01
Ends 2012/06/30


Living Usability Lab for Next Generation Networks is a Portuguese industry-academia collaborative R&D project, active in the field of live usability testing, focusing on the development of technologies and services to support healthy, productive and active citizens.

The project adopts the principles of universal design and natural user interfaces (speech, gesture) making use of the benefits of next generation networks and distributed computing. Therefore, it will impact the general population, including the elderly and citizens with permanent or situational special needs.