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Book chapter

Title Reducing Computation Time by Monte Carlo Method: An Application in Determining Axonal Orientation Distribution Function
Author Nicolás F. Lori, Rui Lavrador, Lucia Fonseca, Carlos Santos, Rui Travasso, Artur Pereira, Rosaldo Rossetti, Nuno Sousa, Victor Alves
Booktitle New Advances in Information Systems and Technologies
Editor Álvaro Rocha, Ana Maria Correia, Hojjat Adeli, Luis Paulo Reis, Marcelo Mendonça Teixeira
Publisher Springer International Publishing
Volume 2
Pages 95-105
Month March
Year 2016
DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-31307-8_10
Group Intelligent Robotics and Systems
Group (before 2015)