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Luis M. T. Jesus


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Position Professor
Affiliation ESS / University of Aveiro
Group Biomedical Informatics and Technologies
Status Researcher with PhD
Country Portugal
Students Joaquim Nuno Salgueiro dos Santos, Megumi Im
Former PhD students Moacyr Silva Costa Filho, Marisa Lousada, Assunção Matos, Brígida Patrício, Susana Rodrigues, João Simões
Former masters students Show list
Projects DyNaVoiceR, RELEASE
Past projects ACSA, CLA: Training Health Professionals to use Computerised Lung Auscultation, Coast 2Coast, Dementia2012, FAPESP2013 17542 0, HERON, RSAT: Respiratory Sound Assessment Toolkit, T2T, UniParalysis, VKG2010, Windsor2005 2006
Events ESPCI'2017, Interspeech'2017
ORCID 0000-0002-8534-3218
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