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Title MEMNON - Extending Speech Production Studies to Silent Speech, Dynamic Sounds and Audivisual Speech Synthesis
Reference 028976
PI Samuel Silva, António J. S. Teixeira
Participants Beatriz Sousa Santos, Joaquim Madeira, Catarina Oliveira, Paula Martins, Nuno Almeida, Samuel Silva, Ana Rita Valente
Funded by FCT
Global funding (€) 238,609€329,280.42 USD
RU funding (€) 238,609€329,280.42 USD
Starts 2018/06/01
Ends 2022/03/31

To move beyond the current state-of-the-art for SPS, and profiting from the team's strong background, this project advances the body of knowledge regarding SP of EP, based on innovative multimodal (rtMRI, US, 3D video, etc.) acquisition, processing, and analysis of speech production data, and applies novel and existing knowledge to propose innovative contributions to articulatory-based audiovisual speech synthesis and silent speech interfaces, serving both research and interaction.