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Conference proceedings article

Title Agent-based Interoperability for e-Government
Author Fábio Marques, Gonçalo Paiva Dias, André Zúquete
Booktitle 10th International Symposium on Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence (DCAI'13)
Address Salamanca, Spain
Month May
Year 2013
Group (before 2015) Information Systems and Telematics Laboratory
Indexed by ISI No
Scope International

The provision of valuable e-government services depends upon the capacity to integrate the disperse provision of services by the public administration and thus upon the availability of interoperability platforms. These platforms are commonly built according to the principles of service oriented architectures, which raise the question of how to dynamically orchestrate services while preserving information security. Recently, it was presented an e-government interoperability model that preserves privacy during the dynamic orchestration of services. In this paper we present a prototype that implements that model using software agents. The model and the prototype are briefly described; an illustrative use case is presented; and the advantages of using software agents to implement the model are discussed.

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