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Conference proceedings article

Title Decentralized Bootstrap for Social Overlay Networks
Author Rodolphe Marques, André Zúquete
Booktitle Communications and Multimedia Security (CMS'2014), LNCS 8735
Address Aveiro, Portugal
Month September
Year 2014
Group Information Systems and Processing
Group (before 2015) Information Systems and Telematics Laboratory
Indexed by ISI Yes
Scope International

In this paper we show how we can use social networks to bootstrap a social overlay network. This overlay network is different from others, in the sense that it enables participants to share services on a personal basis, unlike other overlay networks that provide a single service for all peers. Since the overlay network is not supposed to have central servers for managing a single service, its bootstrap and the direct communication among pairs of participants is challenging. However, the actual social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ already provide an API that enables participants to exchange direct messages, which will be the basis of our bootstrap mechanism.