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Conference proceedings article

Title Investigating Different Augmented Reality Approaches in Circuit Assembly: a User Study
Author Bernardo Marques, Rafael Esteves, João Alves, Carlos Ferreira, Paulo Dias, Beatriz Sousa Santos
Booktitle Proceedings of Eurographics 2019, Genova, Italy
Pages 45-48
Month May
Year 2019
Group Information Systems and Processing
Group (before 2015)
Indexed by ISI Yes
Scope International

Augmented Reality (AR) has been considered as having great potential in assisting the performance and training of complex tasks. Assembling electronic circuits is such a task, since many errors may occur, as wrong choice or positioning of components or incorrect wiring and thus using AR approaches may be beneficial. This paper describes a controlled experiment aimed at comparing the usability and acceptance of two AR-based approaches (one based on a single device and another novel approach using two interconnected devices), with a traditional approach using a paper manual in the assembly of an electronic circuit. Participants were significantly faster and made fewer errors while using the AR approaches, and most preferred the multi-device approach.