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Materiales de Construcción


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ISSN 0465-2746
Country Spain

About the journal

Founded in 1951 at the Technical Institute for Construction and Cement, Materiales de Construcción is a quarterly, scientific Journal published in English, intended for researchers, plant technicians and other professionals engaged in the area of Construction, Materials Science and Technology. Scientific articles focus mainly on: - Physics and chemistry of the formation of cement and other binders. - Cement and concrete. Components (aggregate, admixtures, additions and similar). Behaviour and properties. - Durability and corrosion of other construction materials. - Restoration and conservation of the materials in heritage monuments. - Weathering and the deterioration of construction materials. - Use of industrial waste and by-products in construction. - Manufacture and properties of other construction materials, such as: gypsum/plaster, lime, composite materials, polymers, recycled materials, stone, brick and tile, glass, wood and so forth.


Impact factor

The impact factor of Materiales de Construcción is as follows:

Year Impact Rank Quartile
2015 0.960 31/61 Q3
2014 0.961 26/59 Q2
2013 0.734
2012 0.788
2011 0.437
2010 0.646
2009 0.730