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Mathematical Geosciences


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ISSN 1874-8961
Country The Netherlands

About the journal

Mathematical Geosciences publishes original, high-quality, interdisciplinary papers in geomathematics focusing on quantitative methods and studies of the Earth, its natural resources and the environment. This international publication is the official journal of the IAMG. Mathematical Geosciences is an essential reference for researchers and practitioners of geomathematics who develop and apply quantitative models to earth science and geo-engineering problems.


Impact factor

The impact factor of Mathematical Geosciences is as follows:

Year Impact Rank Quartile
2018 1.966 35/105 Q2
2016 2.022 25/100 Q1
2015 1.777 29/101 Q2
2014 1.653 20/99 Q1
2013 1.713
2012 1.440
2011 1.354
2010 1.511
2009 0.848