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Conference proceedings article

Title Towards Ontology Based Health Information Search in Portuguese - A case study in Neurologic Diseases
Author Rafael Mendonça, Ana Filipa Rosa, José Luís Oliveira, António J. S. Teixeira
Booktitle CISTI'2012 ((7th Iberian Conference on Information Systems and Technologies)
Address Madrid
Month June
Year 2012
Group (before 2015) Transverse Activity on Innovative Biomedical Technologies
Indexed by ISI Not known yet
Scope International

Health related information is spread across different locations, making difficult gathering, structuring and managing all this data to make it available through search and navigation to health professionals, students, researchers or even general public. In this paper, we present a workflow to support enhanced search, comprising the development of an ontology for the domain, entity annotation, advanced queries to the created knowledge base and a search interface to explore this information. The aim was to build a searching platform that would be able to present the most relevant documents as response to advanced user’s queries. A proof of concept was implemented for neurologic diseases domain, demonstrating how the workflow can be used to obtain a functional ontology-based information extraction tool.