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Title Most - Modeling, querying and interactive visualization of spatiotemporal data
Reference POCI-01-0145-FEDER-032636
PI Jose Moreira
Participants Jose Moreira, Paulo Dias
Funded by FCT
Global funding (€) 226476
RU funding (€) 167852
Starts 2020/06/01
Ends 2020/11/30

This project will develop an integrated set of general purpose data analysis tools to study the behaviour of spatiotemporal phenomena in a diversity of domains, such as, biology, medicine, environment, climate or earth sciences. This includes developing methods and tools to transform raw data from sequences of images and videos, into meaningful data that can be modelled and represented in a database or information system, as well as efficient methods for querying, visualization and analysis of data about the location, movement and morphology of spatiotemporal phenomena. Two case studies will be used as proof of concept. The first consists of developing an application to model the propagation of forest fires from aerial images, which will be used in the study of carbon emissions to the atmosphere. The other consists of an application to represent and analyse the morphological behaviour of cells from video microscopy.