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Title New Strategies Applied to Neuropathological Disorders
Reference CENTRO-07-ST24-FEDER-002034
PI Artur Silva
Participants José Luís Oliveira, Ana Maria Tomé, António J. S. Teixeira, Armando J. Pinho, Carlos A C Bastos, João M. O. S. Rodrigues, Paulo J S G Ferreira, Sérgio Matos, Vera Afreixo, Luísa Castro, Raquel Silva
Funded by QREN Mais Centro
Global funding (€)
RU funding (€) 185,241 €255,632.58 USD
Starts 2013/02/01
Ends 2014/12/31

Neurodegenerative disorders are a major health concern worldwide, Portugal being no exception. With this project the University of Aveiro proposes extend existing research in the field of neurodegenerative diseases through the creation of a consortium of 5 research units from UA (CBC, QOPNA, I3N, IEETA, CICECO). The projects main goal is to offer novel therapeutic strategies to tackle the complex array of existing neuropathologies. By building a multidisciplinary research team that combines experts in molecular neuropathologies, proteomics, metabolomics, bioinformatics, neuronal networks, organic synthesis and drug design from the UA we will be able to attack the problem on many fronts. Upon successful completion of this project, new therapeutic approaches will have been developed which will contribute to the improvement of life quality for neurodegenerative patients, having a high society impact considering the 10 million new patients reported every year.