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Title A ROS Framework for the Extrinsic Calibration of Intelligent Vehicles: a Multi-Sensor, Multi-Modal Approach
Author Miguel Riem Oliveira, Afonso Castro, Tiago Madeira, Eurico Pedrosa, Paulo Dias, Vitor Santos
Journal Robotics and Autonomous Systems
Volume 131
Month September
Year 2020
DOI 10.1016/j.robot.2020.103558
Group Intelligent Robotics and Systems
Group (before 2015)
Indexed by ISI Yes

This paper proposes a general approach to the problem of extrinsic calibration of multiple sensors of varied modalities. This is of particular relevance for intelligent vehicles, which are complex systems that often encompass several sensors of different modalities. Our approach is seamlessly integrated with the Robot Operating System (ROS) framework, and allows for the interactive positioning of sensors and labelling of data, facilitating the calibration procedure. The calibration is formulated as a simultaneous optimization for all sensors, in which the objective function accounts for the various sensor modalities. Results show that the proposed procedure produces accurate calibrations, on par with state of the art approaches which operate only for pairwise setups