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PACBB'2017 - Morteza Hosseini (1)


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Date 2017/06/21
Title Cryfa: a tool to compact and encrypt FASTA files
Speaker Morteza Hosseini
Event PACBB'2017
Location Porto
Country Portugal

Abstract: NGS (next-generation sequencing) is bringing the need to efficiently handle large volumes of patient data, maintaining privacy laws, such as those with secure protocols that ensure patients DNA confidentiality. Although there are multiple file representations for genomic data, the FASTA format is perhaps the most used and popular. As far as we know, FASTA encryption is being addressed with general purpose encryption methods, without exploring a compact representation. In this paper, we propose Cryfa, a new fast encryption method to store securely FASTA files in a compact form. The main differences between a general encryption approach and Cryfa are the reduction of storage, up to approximately three times, without compromising security, and the possibility of integration with pipelines. The core of the encryption method uses a symmetric approach, the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard). Cryfa implementation is freely available, under license GPLv3, at