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PhD Extraordinary Award of Antonio Hidalgo Muñoz


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2016/07/12: A. R. Hidalgo-Muñoz received one of the "PhD Extraordinary Award" of the University of Seville concerning his PhD thesis, which he presented in the academic years 2013-2014 ([1]). The thesis has the title: "Study on the affective valence processing of visual stimuli using classification techniques applied on EEG signals" and was supervised by Manuel Vázquez Marrufo (University of Seville) and co-supervised by Ana Maria Tomé. The research work was developed during a staying of Antonio Hidalgo Muñoz in IEETA with the collaboration of Isabel Santos of PsyLAB, from the Department of Education and Psychology. Currently Antonio Hidalgo is in the CLLE-LTC (Cognition, Langue, Langage, Ergonomie - Laboratoire Travail et Cognition) ([2]) at the University of Toulouse II - Jean Jaurès and also collaborates with the CNRS in a project with the ISAE-SUPAERO ([3]).