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Property:Has new member status


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This is a property of type String.

The allowed values for this property are:

  • Researcher with PhD
  • Former member
  • Other

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Pages using the property "Has new member status"

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Alberto Signoretti +Other  +
Alexandra Queirós +Researcher with PhD  +
Alexandre Mota +Former member  +
Alina Trifan +Researcher with PhD  +
Ana Isabel Martins +Researcher with PhD  +
Ana Maria Tomé +Researcher with PhD  +
Ana P. Mendes +Former member  +
Ana Patrícia Oliveira Ferreira da Rocha +Researcher with PhD  +
Ana Rita Teixeira +Researcher with PhD  +
Ana Rita Valente +Researcher with PhD  +
Andreia Hall +Former member  +
André Zúquete +Researcher with PhD  +
António Ferrari +Researcher with PhD  +
António J. R. Neves +Researcher with PhD  +
António J. S. Teixeira +Researcher with PhD  +
Armando J. Pinho +Researcher with PhD  +
Arnaldo Oliveira +Researcher with PhD  +
Artur Pereira +Researcher with PhD  +
Augusto Silva +Researcher with PhD  +


Beatriz Sousa Santos +Researcher with PhD  +
Bernardo Cunha +Researcher with PhD  +
Bernardo Marques +Researcher with PhD  +
Bruno Pimentel +Former member  +
Brígida Mónica Faria +Researcher with PhD  +


Carlos A C Bastos +Researcher with PhD  +
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