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This is a property of type String.

The allowed values for this property are:

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not known yet

This property clarifies the status of a publication with respect to the ISI database.

The presence or absence of recent publications in the ISI database cannot always be confirmed immediately. This is often the case with conference proceedings or book chapters. Until the status of the publication becomes certain, one can use the value Not known yet.

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Pages using the property "ISI"

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1986A +No  +
1986B +Not known yet  +
1991A +No  +
1993A +Not known yet  +
1995A +No  +
1995B +No  +
1995C +No  +
1995D +No  +
1998A +Not known yet  +
1998B +Not known yet  +
1998C +Not known yet  +
1998D +No  +
1998E +No  +
1998F +No  +
1999A +Not known yet  +
1999B +Not known yet  +
1999C +No  +
1999D +No  +
1999E +No  +
1999F +No  +


2000A +No  +
2000B +No  +
2000C +No  +
2000D +No  +
2000E +No  +
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