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Research Day - 2017


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Date 2017/06/13
Time 9h - 18h
Location Rectory Building, UA
Country Porugal

Research Day is a one-day event celebrating the University of Aveiro’s research achievements, as well as an opportunity to foster the interdisciplinary sharing of good practice in research and a vehicle for promoting effective collaboration among researchers and departments. In this edition, IEETA has participated in the promotion of the research activities and in the organization of the event. Diogo Pratas, Raquel Sebastião, Raquel Silva, Sónia Gouveia, Samuel Silva and Susana Brás were members of the organization team. With respect to the research, the following works were presented:

- "Wideband spectrum sensing for cognitive radio", Daniel Malafaia, José M. N. Vieira, Ana Maria Tomé

- "Impact of the acquisition time on ECG compression-based biometric identification systems", João M. Carvalho, Susana Brás , Jacqueline Ferreira, Sandra C. Soares, Armando J. Pinho

- "A portable, low-cost kinect-based system for motion analysis in neurological diseases", Ana Patricia Rocha, José Maria Fernandes, João Paulo Cunha, Hugo Miguel Choupina, Maria José Rosas, Rui Vaz

- "Prediction and analysis of biological networks structure and dynamics", Fernanda Brito Correia, Joel Arrais, José Luís Oliveira

- "GOOD: A global orthographic object descriptor for 3D object recognition and manipulation", S. Hamidreza Kasaei, Ana Maria Tomé, Luís Seabra Lopes, Miguel Oliveira

- "A sparse-dense framework for efficient mapping", Eurico Pedrosa, Artur Pereira, Nuno Lau

- "Inhalation during fire experiments: an approach derived through ECG", Raquel Sebastião, Sandra Sorte, Joana Valente, Ana I. Miranda, José Maria Fernandes