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Rui Fiel Cordeiro


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Subject High Efficiency Reconfigurable All Digital Transmitters for Cognitive Radio Systems
Advisor José M. N. Vieira, Arnaldo Oliveira
Group Information Systems and Processing
Status PhD student
Starts 2013/01/01
Ends 2018/01/25
Country Aveiro, Portugal
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Next generation (5G) of wireless communication devices must achieve Gigabit data rates and low power consumption by making more efficient use of the RF spectrum and taking advantage of device reconfigurability and interoperability. To meet these requirements, the development of Cognitive Radio (CR) devices will be far more complex and challenging than their predecessors. The future of radio communications have a twofold evolution, being one the low power consumption and the other the adaptability and intelligent use of the available resources. CRs should adapt to the environment in a smart and efficient way, so that the radio will use the least amount of power and bandwidth it can to communicate. It is expected that this work will contribute to advance the state-of-the-art in agile and power efficient all-digital RF transmitters with multi-mode and multi-channel capabilities and support for dynamically reconfigurable spectrum aggregation enabling the development of true CR systems.



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