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SPL meeting May 2013


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Date 2013/05/29
Time 15h30-16h30
Location IEETA 1.04
Country Portugal

Assoc. Prof. Teofana Puleva, PhD Department of Systems and Control Engineering, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria

Some Advanced Control Methods and Algorithms for Industrial Processes:

The advanced control system design requires consideration of special properties of the industrial processes – time-variant system parameters, nonlinear behavior and interconnected system. Some applications of classical and modified control algorithms using a gain scheduling technique as well as multiple model adaptive control algorithm will be considered. Their effectiveness regarding plant dynamics, steady-stay accuracy of the control laws and model uncertainties will be shown. The investigations are carried out with laboratory physical models and control law implementation based on capabilities of Real Time Control Toolbox® for Matlab® and programmable logical controllers (PLC).

Short bio:

Teofana Puleva graduated the Technical University of Sofia as an engineer on automatic control. From 1981 to 1989 she worked at the Research Institute for Power Engineering - in a hydro power engineering control group. She received Ph.D. degree from the Technical University of Sofia. Currently she works as an Associate Professor at the Technical University of Sofia, Department of Systems and Control Engineering. Her scientific interests are in the field of linear and optimal control systems, adaptive control and application of these methodologies to hydro power engineering control.