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SPL talk David Voegeli


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Title Opening doors – collaborative ventures in health sciences research
Speaker Dr. David_Voegeli
Institution Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southampton, Southampton, UK
Date 2011/11/14
Time 10:00
Location Anfiteatro do IEETA
Country Portugal


The rapidly changing healthcare climate and global economic problems have led to the need for strong multidisciplinary research. This presents a number of opportunities for questioning traditional subject-specific approaches to health research, and allowing new collaborations to emerge. This talk will explore some of the work in progress in the Faculty of Health Sciences, and the cross-disciplinary nature of the University of Southampton.

Dr David Voegeli PhD,BSc,RN,FHEA Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southampton, Southampton, UK.

Dr Voegeli is a senior member of the Faculty's multidisciplinary Rehabilitation and Health Technologies Research Group. He has a first degree in Nursing Sciences, and a PhD in immunopharmacology. David has been a visiting scholar at the University of Washington, USA and is on the editorial board of Biological Research for Nursing and The Journal of Wound Care. His research interests are in the fields of critical care nursing education and practice, and inflammation and tissue repair. Current studies include: Altered cutaneous vascularity and microvascular control mechanisms as a risk factor for pressure ulcer development; Biomarkers for soft tissue injury; and the transdermal absorption of essential oils. David is pleased to have recently collaborated with Dr Luis Jesus in a study on the acoustic stimulation of comatose patients.