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SPL talk June 2013


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Title Modeling and Characterization of sub-100-nm IC devices in the Nanotechnology Era
Speaker George Angelov
Institution Technical University of Sofia (TUS)
Date 2013/06/12
Time 15h30-16h30
Location sala 1.04 IEETA
Country Portugal

George Angelov

ECAD Laboratory, Department of Microelctronics

Faculty of Electronics Engineering and Technology

Technical University of Sofia


Nowadays electronics is practically everywhere around us. Modern electronics devices and telecommunication systems are highly complex from both fabrication technology and algorithmic point of view. With CMOS dimensions scaling down under 100 nm sizes, semiconductors industry has been facing new challenges new limitations and appear that needs to be overcome. Linear scaling will not be possible in the future unless new materials are introduced in CMOS device structures or unless new device architectures are implemented. The strong association between devices and materials research is the key enabler here. The complexity continues to increase and at the same time both silicon area (which means costs) and power consumption of the devices have to be reduced as well as the design time shortened. This is inevitable if it is to keep profitability in this fast evolving high volume consumer market. These contradictory demands force the need for efficient design and verification methods. To have short and reliable design cycles, verification is necessary very early in the design process. Modeling and simulation need to accompany the design steps from the specification to the overall system verification in order to bridge the gaps between system specification, system simulation, and circuit level simulation. The compact models for device characterization are the essential bridge between fabrication process development and circuit design. Their primary function is to accurately reproduce the device characteristics in details, which are essential to the design of digital, analog, mixed-signal, and RF integrated circuits.

Short Bio-notes:

George Angelov was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, on February 19, 1976. He received his Master of Physics degree from the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Bulgaira in 1999. He obtained his PhD degree on 'Modeling of submicron microelectronic devices' at the Technical University of Sofia in 2008. G. Angelov is currently associate professor in the Department of Microelectronics, Faculty of Electronic Engineering and Technologies, Technical University of Sofia. His research is focused on device physics, modeling of state-of-the art microelectronic devices (MOSFETs) and modeling od nanoscale devices (nanowire and carbon nanotube transistors), bioelectronics (organic protein hydrogen bonding networks), energy power systems, and renewable energy sources.