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Security and Communication Networks


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ISSN 1939-0114
Country England

About the journal

Security and Communication Networks is an international journal publishing original research and review papers on security and cryptographic mechanisms applied to all types of information and communication networks, including wired, wireless and optical transmission platforms.The journal provides a prestigious forum for the R&D community in academia and industry working at the inter-disciplinary nexus of next generation communications technologies with physical and upper layer network security implementations.Answering the highly practical and commercial importance of network security R&D, submissions of applications-oriented papers describing case studies and simulations are encouraged as well as research analysis-type papers. Invited review papers on topics selected by the Editorial Advisory Board will be a regular key feature of the journal.


Impact factor

The impact factor of Security and Communication Networks is as follows:

Year Impact Rank Quartile
2016 1.067 111/146 Q4
2015 0.806 103/144 Q3
2014 0.720
2013 0.433
2012 0.311
2011 0.414
2010 0.356