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Signal, Image and Video Processing


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Country England

About the journal

The journal is an interdisciplinary journal presenting the theory and practice of Signal, Image and Video Processing. It aims at:* Disseminating high level research results and engineering developments to all Signal, Image or Video Processing researchers and research groups.* Presenting practical solutions for the current Signal, Image and Video Processing problems in Engineering and Science.The journal incorporates all aspects of theory and practice of Signal, Image and Video Processing. It features original research work, review and tutorial papers and accounts of practical developments. It is intended for the rapid dissemination of knowledge and experience to Scientists and Engineers working in any area related to or using Signal, Image and Video Processing.Subject areas covered by the journal include but are not limited to: Adaptive processing – biomedical signal processing – multimedia signal processing – communication signal processing – non-linear signal processing – array processing – statistical signal processing – modeling – filtering – multi-resolution – segmentation – coding – restoration – enhancement – storage and retrieval – colour and multi-spectral processing – scanning – displaying – printing – interpolation – motion detection and estimation – stereoscopic processing.Image and video processing manuscripts addressing real-time algorithmic, hardware, software or implementation issues are encouraged to be submitted to the Springer Journal of Real-Time Image Processing which is dedicated to real-time aspects of image and video processing.


Impact factor

The impact factor of Signal, Image and Video Processing is as follows:

Year Impact
2014 1.430
2012 0.409
2011 0.617
2010 0.617