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This is an old IEETA group. The current groups can be found here.


  • To advance linear and nonlinear signal processing, emphasizing modelling, coding and reconstruction, for numeric and symbolic data --- including DNA data and biological signals, such as EEG.
  • To contribute to joint efforts of multidisciplinary nature.


This is the list of publications of the Signal Processing Laboratory. To add data to this list, check the information regarding the publication lists, and then add the data by following the appropriate link below.


10 books found:

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Articles in international journals listed in the ISI

240 articles found:

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  51. ...further results

Other articles in journals

34 articles found:

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  11. ...further results

Chapters in books

47 articles found:

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  11. ...further results

Articles in proceedings of conferences

354 articles found:

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  11. ...further results

PhD theses

44 PhD theses found:

  1. Petya Mihaylova. Application of Machine learning methods for IoT and big data analysis in sharing economy ecosystem. PhD Thesis, Technical University of Sofia (TUS), January 2020
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  11. ...further results

Masters theses

102 Masters theses found:

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  11. ...further results