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Master thesis

Title POLYMECO - A Polygonal Mesh Analysis and Comparison Tool
Author Samuel Silva
School Universidade de Aveiro
Address Aveiro, Portugal
Month April
Year 2007
Advisor Joaquim Madeira, Beatriz Sousa Santos
Group (before 2015) Information Systems and Telematics Laboratory


Polygonal meshes are used in several application areas to model different objects and structures. Depending on the application, such models sometimes have to be processed to, for instance, reduce their complexity (mesh simplification). Such processing introduces error, whose evaluation is of paramount importance when choosing the sequence of operations that is to be applied for a particular purpose.

Although some mesh analysis and comparison tools are described in the literature, little attention has been given to the way mesh features (analysis) and mesh comparison results can be visualized. Moreover, particular functionalities have to be made available by such tools, to enable systematic use and proper data analysis and exploration.

PolyMeCo --- a tool for polygonal mesh analysis and comparison --- was designed and developed taking the above objectives into account. It enhances the way users perform mesh analysis and comparison, by providing an integrated environment where various mesh quality measures and several visualization options are available and can be used in a coordinated way, thus leading to greater insight into the visualized data.

This new tool has been successfully applied in two research works: (1) to compare between mesh simplification algorithms, and (2) to study the applicability of the provided computational measures as estimators of user perceived quality as obtained through an observer study.