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Conference proceedings article

Title Ball sensor fusion and ball interception behaviours for a Robotic Soccer Team
Author João Silva, Nuno Lau, João M. O. S. Rodrigues, José Luís Azevedo
Booktitle IROBOT 2008 3rd International Workshop on Intelligent Robotics
Address Lisbon, Portugal
Pages 25-36
Month October
Year 2008
Group (before 2015) Transverse Area on Intelligent Robotics
Indexed by ISI No
Scope International

This paper presents some of the work developed in the CAMBADA team at the sensor and information fusion level, as well as developments at the behaviours level. Specifically, the ball sensor and information fusion techniques, to improve the position and velocity reliability, are described, as well as interception behaviours based on that reliable velocities, allowing for different approaching behaviours to the ball, are depicted. The described work improved the team performance, allowing it to distinctively achieve the 1st place in the Portuguese robotics open Rob´otica2008 and in the world championship RoboCup2008.