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Title SmartWalk: Smartcities for Active Seniors
Reference CENTRO-01-0145-FEDER-024293
PI Mário Rodrigues
Participants Alexandra Queirós, Ana Rita Santos, Ana Rita Teixeira, Anabela Silva, Carlos Santos, Ciro Martins, Luís Jorge Gonçalves
Funded by CENTRO 2020/ FEDER
Global funding (€) 118.409,94
RU funding (€) 81.211,86
Starts 2017/09/20
Ends 2019/03/21

SmartWalk aims at increasing the quality of life of elder population by creating tools to monitor and help preserving functional capacities. The increase of elderly population makes a pressing matter the promotion of healthy aging, with autonomy and independence, and preserving functional capacities. Active Aging is a priority area of the Health 2020 policy of the EU. Additional to this concept exists the concept of Aging in Place that reflects the desire of be at home while aging. SmartWalk proposes the creation of a physical activity monitoring system for smart cities. It comprises mobile devices to acquire and transmit biometric data to a server via existing smart cities' communication infrastructure, for a trustworthy and free service. A back-office application allows health professionals, and relevant institutions, to see the data and propose small routine changes to promote the adequate physical condition, if necessary. The routine change proposals are communicated to users via their mobile devices.