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Smartphones for Smart Seniors


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Title Smartphones for Seniors (S4S)
Reference QREN 21541
PI António J. S. Teixeira
Participants Nelson Rocha, José Luís Oliveira, Miguel Oliveira e Silva, Nuno Lau, António J. R. Neves, Anabela Silva, Margarida Cerqueira, Catarina Oliveira, Joaquim Alvarelhão, Alexandra Queirós, Rui Costa, José Ignácio Martin, Joaquim Madeira, Carlos Costa, Nuno Almeida, Ana Filipa Rosa, Flávio Ferreira
Funded by ADI
Global funding (€)
RU funding (€) 168,536€232,579.68 USD
Starts 2011/10/01
Ends 2014/03/31

Smartphones for Seniors (S4S) is a Portuguese collaborative R&D project coordinated by Microsoft, which aims to facilitate communication mechanisms available to the elderly, by redesigning the user interfaces of the basic functions of a Windows Phone 7 smartphone. It also includes the redesign of more advanced tools such as video calling and interconnection with social media in order to allow remote interaction with users of social networks, as well as synchronous or asynchronous conversation, covering also audiovisual communication.

The consortium of this project includes four companies: Microsoft, Optimus (Telecom operator), WIT and Devscope, two Universities: Aveiro (UA) and Lisbon (FCUL), and one R&D institute Fraunhofer Portugal (Fhp – AICOS, Portugal Research Center for Assistive Information and Communication Solutions).

Expected Results:

  • Isolation prevention of the elderly.
  • Promotion of independence and quality of life for elderly.
  • Support in health improvement.
  • Develop the local economy of applications for Windows Phone 7, oriented to the elderly population.