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Sylvain T. A. Marcelino


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Subject Adaptation an Quality Optimization in Future 3D Video Delivery Services
Advisor Salviano F. S. P. Soares
Group Information Systems and Processing
Status PhD student
Starts 2010/01/01
Ends 2016/01/08
Country Portugal
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This PhD plan aims to carry out research in the field of three-dimensional (3D) video adaptation and decoding optimization in the context of heterogeneous communication networks and diverse user terminals. On the network side, the research is focussed on novel adaptation mechanisms of 3D video coded streams for matching bandwidth constrained transport networks and error prone channels. This is primarily targeted at packet based IP networks and DVB infrastructures since these are foreseen as the main transport architectures in the near future. On the terminal side, adaptation of 3D video is inves tigated in the light of s eamles s interoperability between different 3D coded video formats , error concealment for improved perceptual quality under computational complexity cons traints . Overall, the workplan s eeks novel contributions to achieve higher s ys tem performance, s eamles s interoperability and better perceived quality in future 3D video delivery s ervices and applications.



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