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TIMAIRIS ranks 1st in Benchmarking and 2nd in Freestyle at European Project EuRoC


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2016/09/21: TIMAIRIS ranks 1st in Benchmarking and 2nd in Freestyle at European Project EuRoC

TIMAIRIS is one of the 5 teams selected for Stage II of EuRoC - European Robotic Challenges - Challenge 2. TIMAIRIS is a joint effort of the Intelligent Robotics and Systems (IRIS) group from IEETA/Universidade de Aveiro in Portugal and IMA S.P.A from Italy. The proposal objective is to develop a robotised system for flexible, collaborative blank loading on packaging machines on industrial shop floors.

After completing 2 (Benchmarking and Freestyle) out of the 3 components of Stage II, there was a Mid Term Evaluation Event at ETHZ that finished on Sep 20. The current Challenge 2 scores rank TIMAIRIS as the winner of Benchmarking, and the 2nd team of Freestlyle (without considering the coolness factor, that is not yet known).

Benchmarking consisted of two tasks: one of picking and placing small blue boxes scattered in a room and another of assembling 5 bolts, washers and nuts. All teams used the same (not previously known setups) and the same robotic platform. TIMAIRIS completed the first task in 3m04s (2nd best team: 4m56s), video at, and the second task in 6m15s (2nd best team: 15m01s), video at

TIMAIRIS Freestyle demonstrates technologies for collaborative problem solving between humans and robots using flexible multimodal communication. The demostration is performed by Assembling a 3D puzzle cooperatively by a human and a robot. Video at

Stage II is scheduled to finish in May 2017, and 2 out of the 5 current teams will be admitted for EuRoC Stage III, Challenge 2.