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Conference proceedings article

Title Speech-Centric Multimodal Interaction for Easy-To-Access Online Services – A Personal Life Assistant for the Elderly
Author António J. S. Teixeira, Annika Hämäläinen, Jairo Avelar, Nuno Almeida, Géza Németh, Tibor Fegyó, Csaba Zainkó, Tamás Csapó, Bálint Tóth, André Oliveira, Miguel Sales Dias
Booktitle Proc. DSAI 2013, Procedia Computer Science
Month November
Year 2013
Group (before 2015) Transverse Activity on Innovative Biomedical Technologies
Indexed by ISI Yes
Scope International

The PaeLife project is a European industry-academia collaboration whose goal is to provide the elderly with easy access to online services that make their life easier and encourage their continued participation in the society. To reach this goal, the project partners are developing a multimodal virtual personal life assistant (PLA) offering a wide range of services from weather information to social networking. This paper presents the multimodal architecture of the PLA, the services provided by the PLA, and the work done in the area of speech input and output modalities, which play a key role in the application.