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Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology


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Country Turkey

About the journal

The Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology is an international journal in the field of educational technology. TOJET is an online and peer-reviewed journal that accepts papers on all aspects of educational technology. Research papers could be about, but are not limited to: using educational technology in classroom, new developments in educational technology, instructional design, distance education, computer and internet applications in education, educational simulations, educational gaming, and other aspects of the use of educational technology in the learning and teaching activities.The aim of TOJET is to diffuse new developments in educational technology. The mission of TOJET is to provide educators, teachers, administrators, parents and faculties with knowledge about the very best research in educational technology. TOJET's acceptance rate is 20%. TOJET is now a major resource for knowledge about educational technology.TOJET publishes research and scholarly papers in the fields of educational technology. All papers are reviewed at least by two international members of the Editorial Board with expertise in the areas(s) represented by a paper, and/or invited reviewers with special competence in the area(s) covered. The Editors reserve the right to make minor alterations to all papers that are accepted for publication.


Impact factor

The impact factor of Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology is as follows:

Year Impact
2012 0.960
2011 1.016
2010 1.016