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Wireless Personal Communications


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ISSN 0929-6212
Country The Netherlands

About the journal

Wireless Personal Communications is an archival, peer-reviewed, scientific and technical journal publishing tutorial, survey and original research papers considering theoretical, engineering and experimental aspects. The journal accepts five main types of papers: (i) full technical papers subject to normal review procedures; (ii) short papers subject to a review process and shorter publication times; (iii) papers for a special section on the technical aspects of policy and standardisation; (iv) letters containing new research thoughts and experimental ideas; and (v) invited papers on specific topics by renowned experts.


Impact factor

The impact factor of Wireless Personal Communications is as follows:

Year Impact Rank Quartile
2019 1.061 80/90 Q4
2018 0.929 78/88 Q4
2017 1.200 69/87 Q4
2016 0.951 76/89 Q4
2015 0.701 63/82 Q4
2014 0.653 60/77 Q4
2013 0.979 45/78 Q3
2012 0.428 65/78 Q4