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Deadline 2012/02/28
Starts 2012/06/26
Ends 2012/06/28
Participant João Paulo Cunha, António J. S. Teixeira
Location Porto
Country Porto

The pHealth conference has emerged as the leading international meeting on wearable micro and nano technologies for personalized medicine. Starting in 2004, pHealth has attracted scientists for various technologies, medical doctors, policy makers from the healthcare industry, hospital administration and allied professionals.

Collecting a dynamic professional community from Europe and all over the world pHealth has given visibility to the tremendous potential of micro and nano technologies not only for the future of medicine, but also for the improvement of healthcare processes today.

Microsystems, smart textiles, telemedicine, smart implants and sensor-controlled medical devices have become important enablers for monitoring and treatment in both inpatient and outpatient care. This is, however, just the beginning of revolutionary changes and significant opportunities are given for patients, companies and the healthcare industry.

The multilateral benefits of pHealth technologies for all three stake-holders lead to a triple win situation with enormous potential, not only for medical quality improvement and industrial competitiveness, but also for managing healthcare cost.