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Property:Has new member status


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This is a property of type String.

The allowed values for this property are:

  • Researcher with PhD
  • Former member
  • Other

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Pages using the property "Has new member status"

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José Maria Fernandes +Researcher with PhD  +
José Moreira +Researcher with PhD  +
João M. O. S. Rodrigues +Researcher with PhD  +
João Silva +Researcher with PhD  +


Leonor Teixeira +Researcher with PhD  +
Luis Gonçalves +Former member  +
Luis M. T. Jesus +Researcher with PhD  +
Luis Paulo Reis +Researcher with PhD  +
Luís Seabra Lopes +Researcher with PhD  +


Manuel J. C. S. Reis +Researcher with PhD  +
Marisa Lousada +Other  +
Miguel Oliveira e Silva +Researcher with PhD  +
Miguel Riem Oliveira +Researcher with PhD  +
Milton Santos +Researcher with PhD  +
Mário Rodrigues +Researcher with PhD  +
Mónica Isabel Teixeira da Costa +Other  +


Nelson Rocha +Researcher with PhD  +
Nima Shafii +Former member  +
Nuno Almeida +Researcher with PhD  +
Nuno Lau +Researcher with PhD  +


Olga Fajarda +Researcher with PhD  +
Osvaldo Pacheco +Researcher with PhD  +


Paulo Dias +Researcher with PhD  +
Paulo J S G Ferreira +Researcher with PhD  +
Paulo Lopes +Researcher with PhD  +
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